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Borough of Poole

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Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road towards Branksome beach

Project Diary: December 2014 - January 2015

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15th January: project complete.

After 10 weeks of activity all pipes & machinery have now left the beach and we have waved goodbye to our main contractors Rohde Nielsen and the guys on the beach from Ovenden who have all been working so hard for us.

The 2014/2015 Poole Beaches replenishment project is now complete.  

We have received a total sand volume of 139,000 cu.m. in 152 dredger loads. The 19th November 2014 saw the first load and the 16th December saw the final load pumped ashore, a total of 28 days. Four days were lost to the weather and two days to a mechanical problem.

Short videos from the beach team

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The area of beach to be replenished

Short videos from the beach team

These videos and more at Poole’s FCERM* video channel

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Project videos at Click for a larger image

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Track the MAGNI R

Moving the sinker pipe from Shore Road beach entrance to Canford Cliffs Chine, 4th December

Now additional funding has been awarded, this area will be extended eastwards towards Branksome beach

Before: Shore Road beach entrance, looking west

Monday 01 December - the story so far

Day 29  Crowds gather to watch progress on a sunny Saturday

Saturday 29 November - Tuesday 02 December

Project Diary: November

Day 34  Filling the sinker pipe with air so it floats

Thursday 04 December - moving the sinker pipe

The land pipe is disconnected from the sinker pipe. The sinker pipe is then pumped full of air so it becomes buoyant and floats. The end of the pipe in the water is attached to the dredger and the other end to the excavator. With the help of a bulldozer and a multicat the pipe is gently moved along the beach until it reaches it’s resting place for the next part of the project. The air is then let out of the pipe which sinks back down to the seabed ready for the dredger to get back to work, and the dredging / pumping cycle begins again.

Day 38  The finished and re-opened beach Shore Road to Flaghead

Monday 08 December

Borough of Poole

Day 39  A view from the bridge, looking out over the ‘hopper’ (please click on the image to enlarge it)

Tuesday 09 December - aboard the dredger

In the image below showing the view from the bridge we are looking out over the hopper, which is filled with a small amount of water to stabilize the ship. The buoy in the sea marks the end of the steel section of pipe. Two smaller buoys at the bow mark the location of the flexible section and connection joint. 

The black pipe on the side of the dredger is the dredging suction pipe connected to the dredging head which carries the sand from the seabed into the hopper (the cargo hold). This is lowered over the side during the dredging process.  

The red pipes above the hopper deliver the sand into the hopper from the suction pipe and are then used to deliver the sand to the sinker line during the pump ashore process. These are in sections to enable the hopper to be emptied from the back (stern) of the ship to the bow (front).

The three black jets on the side deliver water into the hopper during the pump ashore process.

Day 42  Our motley crew in port! L-R the first mate on board, the on-shore bulldozer driver & excavator operator, Justine and Stuart from the Borough of Poole beach team, and the dredger Captain

Friday 12 December

About the Magni R

Before replenishment: Looking west towards Shore Road

Tuesday 17 December - project complete

The last load pumped ashore Load 152 on 17th December

The sinker pipe connection A manual operation carried out by able seamen, 12th December

The new sand is now settling in; wave action is re-profiling the ‘front edge’ of the beach

Monday 05 January

Air is pumped into the pipe to make it buoyant in the water

Tuesday 06 January - demobilizing

Main Contractors Rohde Nielsen of Denmark -