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Borough of Poole

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Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline Poole & Christchurch Bays Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)

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Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road towards Branksome beach

Borough of Poole

Equipment on the beach

Equipment at sea

Multicat workboat Stour


Lengths of pipe were brought to site by road and welded together on the beach to create a 600mm diameter pipeline (sinkerline) approximately 700m long which was towed from the beach, floated into position and then sunk to the seabed prior to the replenishment work.

At the seaward end of the sinkerline will be 36m of rubber pipes that will be lifted off the seabed and connected to the dredger every time it pumps sand to the shore.

The landward end of the sinkerline is fitted with a steel flange from which sections of shoreline pipe (approximately 12m long) can be bolted together to discharge sand to the required locations. Y-pieces with valves can be introduced to the pipeline to direct the loads to different areas of the beach.

Sand bunds are pushed both toward the seawall (for protection) and towards the shoreline to retain the new sand on the beach and avoid losses back to sea. The sand/water mixture from the pipeline flows in between these bunds where the sand settles on the beach, with the water returning to sea.


Photos from a previous replenishment project at Poole

Bulldozers to move sand around

Photos from a previous replenishment project at Poole

Equipment utilised for this project

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Canford Cliffs Chine

The full extent of the completed sinkerline (700m) before it was moved offshore for the replenishment operation

Branksome Chine

Download details about the Dredger Magni R (pdf, 700kb)

The Rohde Nielsen dredger Magni R undertook dredging & replenishment works (pdf, 700kb)

Main Contractors Rohde Nielsen of Denmark -