The Poole Bay Partnership was first published in response to the high level of public interest in the major beach replenishment projects of 2005-2007.

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Borough of Poole

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Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road towards Branksome beach

Updated 18th December

The project is complete and the beaches now open, but please be aware of continued heavy plant movements along the beach during demobilization over the Christmas period and into the New Year.

Access to the project

Beach replenishment has proved popular with many beach users and often draws a crowd; we are keen to encourage people to come and visit the site, but we ask that everyone respects the closed area for the safety of all involved. The large sand-moving and other vehicles need a clear area to work in and we do not wish to put anyone at risk of injury.

Should you wish to view the dredge as it is happening:

Reasons for the closures

Unlike other major beach replenishment projects in recent years, this work is taking place on a stretch of beach without a promenade to keep onlookers safe. There is a also slight risk of quicksand developing during replenishment work, where sand is pumped on to the beach with large volumes of water, so it is best not to go onto the new beach for a few days, until the water has completely drained away.

Borough of Poole

Beach Closure Notice

The beach (or lack of it) at high tide on 3rd November 2014

Main Contractors Rohde Nielsen of Denmark -