Report Flooding

In the BCP Area

Prepare for a flood event

Report flooding during a flood event

  • In an emergency and if life is in danger, dial 999 (Fire service)
  • If the flooding only affects a road, please report it to the relevant highways authority, i.e. BCP Council – Flooding and follow the links by clicking on the green ‘Report’ button

Report a flood after the event

If your home, business or local green space has flooded or has had a near flood event in the last 5 years, you can report it using the Dorset Flood Online Reporting Tool. Your report will help us to better understand where and why areas flood.

The Flood Online Reporting Tool (FORT) allows property owners, flood risk authorities and volunteers to share details of flood reports and observations to assist with long-term flood risk management … 

If you are flooding now, taking the time to report it online will assist with multi-agency flood response, however, it will not trigger an immediate response from any agency. You will be asked to provide an update to what happened at a later date.