2022 – 2024

Maintaining coastal assets is an integral part of our work. We monitor all BCP Council coastal defence assets using industry standards set by the Environment Agency. This helps us assess an asset’s condition and prioritise future interventions, subject to funding. Recent maintenance works are described below.

June 2024

Groyne Marker Repairs – Christchurch beaches

Our contractor Earlcoate has removed the damaged groyne markers from Avon beach and Friars Cliff. The damages occurred after an exceptionally stormy winter. Groyne markers are aids to navigation (annually inspected by Trinity House) and replacements will be installed later in the year.

February 2024

Gabion basket repairs at Double Dykes, near Hengistbury Head

Ahead of the repair and upgrade of Hengistbury Head Long Groyne, and to maintain the structural stability of the footpath, we reconstructed approx. 50 gabion baskets, damaged during the recent named storms. Works included re-packing stone and stitching new mesh onto the affected baskets.  Our contractor was Avon Construction Ltd.  This work is a short-term measure while we consider options for more permanent coastal defences. 

Spring 2024

Hamworthy Park Seawall (East) Repairs

In Spring 2024, we are planning to reinforce and refinish the eastern facing seawall which protects Hamworthy promenade and park from coastal flooding and erosion.

Project details & updates

Lake Pier rock armour at Hamworthy, Poole

Access improvements to the waterside and gateway just outside Ham Common Nature Reserve are underway. They include improving beach access by upgrading the path using recycled timbers from the groyne renewal works in Bournemouth.

Planning permission has been granted to protect Lake Pier car park and Pier head from coastal erosion. The works are designed to replace the life-expired gabion baskets with rock armour and are yet to be scheduled.  

Rock revetment replenishment at Holes Bay, Poole

We are planning to make repairs to the revetment that protects the shared cycle/footpath on the edge of Holes Bay. It is anticipated the works will take less than one week and access past the site will be maintained. New rocks will be added at key points to prevent this important route from being undermined by the tidal action of the sea water. Our photo shows how the sea has started to scour the edge of the footpath which would only continue to weaken over time if we did nothing.

April 2023

Aids to Navigation – 2023 Groyne Marker Annual Inspection passed

120 local Aids to Navigation across the coastline of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole were inspected by Trinity House on 26th April 2023. The groyne markers were assessed to be in good and efficient order, with only seven minor defects noted for future maintenance works.

If you see a damaged or missing marker, please report it via

April 2023

Sterte Pumping Station, Poole – Flap valve replacement

Three flap valves were replaced to ensure the continued efficient operation of the pumping station at Sterte Industrial Estate, Sterte Road.

Works were delivered by contractors Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd and Avon Construction Ltd.

March 2023

Timber Groyne repairs at Avon Beach, Christchurch

A number of timber groynes across Avon Beach were repaired during March, including failed planks and bolts that were replaced with suitable materials recycled from the Poole Bay groyne renewal programme.

These repairs provide a stop-gap while we continue to develop the Christchurch Bay and Harbour Strategy. Once adopted, it will enable us to bid for government funding to deliver viable and realistic coast protection schemes to implement Shoreline Management Plan policy and address the impacts of climate change such as sea level rise.

March 2023

Groyne Marker repairs at Avon Beach, Christchurch

Groyne Markers are important aids to navigation. At the end of January 2023, two markers failed at the eastern end of Avon Beach following stormy weather. For safety reasons they were removed, but replaced in March 2023. Three others in the vicinity were also repaired.

Works were carried out by Earlcoate Construction.

August 2022

Groyne repairs at Solent Beach, Southbourne

Two groynes at Solent Beach were repaired to improve their stability. These groynes are made of rock armour, timber and mesh covered stone, similar to a gabion basket. They help maintain beach material volumes and protect the dunes behind. Works were carried out by Avon Construction Ltd.

June 2022

Gabion basket repairs at Double Dykes, near Hengistbury Head

Some 50 gabion baskets have been repaired following damage caused during Storm Eunice in February 2022. Works were carried out by our contractor, Avon Construction Ltd., and included re-packing the affected baskets with 40 tonnes of stone and securing them with a new mesh.

This work will help maintain the structural stability of the footpath above in the short-term while we consider options for more permanent coastal defences.

March 2022

Convent Walk repairs at Riverside (Mill Stream), Christchurch

Nearby tree roots had caused damage to a 24 metre long section of pathway and riverside wall.

The works involved:

  • Working with a BCP arboriculturist to assist with root cutting and tree works
  • Recovering displaced stones from the Millstream, replacing missing stones and repointing
  • New tarmac on this section of pathway

March 2022

Inner harbour wall repairs at Mudeford Quay, Christchurch

Repairs to a section of the inner harbour wall (see map) where several coping stones had become dislodged and fallen into the harbourside.

The works were carried out between 14th – 31st March and involved:

  • Cleaning the wall and recovering coping stones from the water
  • Re-bedding the top course of copings
  • Rebuilding a 10 to 20m section of wall
  • Re-pointing along the length of wall (approx. 80m)
  • Recover and refit displaced rock armour adjacent to the footbridge

March 2022

Groyne Marker reinstallations at Highcliffe, Friars Cliff and Mudeford Sandbank, Christchurch

Our contractor, JT Mackley, re-installed several groyne markers (Aids to Navigation) in Christchurch Bay which were leaning or had failed following the recent storms.

(Highcliffe x 1, Friars Cliff x 1 and Mudeford Sandbank x 6)

Works were carried out 29th March – 1st April 2022.