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Royal HaskoningThe Review

SMP2 is the result of a review of SMP1 (1999). 

SMP1 was an innovative step towards sustainable management of our coast, but over the last 10 years we have made significant progress in understanding and mapping coastal processes and SMP2 reflects that.

Government recommended that SMP2 should consider coastal risk management over a 100 year timescale.  But one of the difficulties facing us as a nation is the economic, social and environmental cost of continuing to protect our coast to the extent that we do now.  Decisions have had to be made about what can and cannot be defended ... planning for the future is vital.

It was also vital that we consulted with as many local people and organisations as possible.  Between January 2008 and February 2010 we went online, published leaflets, signed our seafronts and organised SMP roadshows across the region in an effort to reach all those with an interest in the management of this stretch of coast.

SMP2 was finally published at the end of October 2010, almost three years after we started out to scope the extent of the work required of the Consultants, Royal Haskoning UK. 

Programme of Work

The SMP review comprised 6 key stages.


End date



Scope the SMP  


Dec 2007

Scoping Study (Scoping Report July 2008, pdf 1.85Mb))

  Additional investigations, included:
  Mar 2009 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

May 2009

Appropriate Assessment (AA)

Click her to dowload the detailed programme of work (v14) PDF, 75kb file size

A more detailed programme of work

is available to view

(PDF, 83kb).

2 Assessments to Support Policy Development
  June 2009 Natural & Built Environment Baseline (Thematic Studies)

June 2009

Policy Units: Features, Issues & Objectives


June 2009

Review of Coastal Processes and Associated Risks at Hengistbury Head

3 Policy Development

Sept 2009

Oct 2009

Preferred Scenario confirmed

Draft SMP2 produced

4 Public Examination


Nov 2009

Nov 2009

Mar 2010

Publication of the Draft SMP2

SMP2 Roadshow

Assess consultation responses

5 Finalise the Plan
  Mar 2010 Action Plan finalised

Apr 2010

SMP2 finalised

6 Plan Revision & Dissemination
  Apr 2010 Submitted to the Environment Agency National Quality Review Group (NRG)
  June 2010 Submitted to Councils for Adoption
  July 2010 Re-submitted to the Environment Agency NRG
  Feb 2011

Final SMP2 published and made available online March 2011


SMP2 was officially adopted in July 2011, and approved by the Environment Agency in August 2011.


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