Shoreline Management Policy description:

Hold the Line - defences are maintained and upgraded or replaced in their current position where funding permits.

Managed Realignment - this policy allows realignment of the shoreline (forwards or backwards) with management to control or limit the movement.  Any increase in flood risk will also be managed.  Although this policy typically applies to low-lying areas at risk of flooding it can equally apply to cliffed areas, whereby cliff recession could be slowed down for a period of time.

No Active Intervention (do nothing) - this is a policy decision not to invest in the provision or maintenance of any defences.  Where there are no existing defences the shoreline will continue to evolve naturally.  This policy can also apply to areas that are currently defended but may not be defended in the future.  These areas will evolve more naturally, which may include an increased risk of flooding or coastal erosion.  It may be necessary to intervene (by removing old defences) in order that a 'No Active Intervention' policy can be implemented.

Advance the Line - new defences are built seaward of existing defences where funding permits, involving a significant reclamation of land in the process.