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Update 27th November 2018

Poole & Christchurch Bays Shoreline Management Plan

SMP Refresh 2019

Twenty second-generation Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) were developed between 2006 and 2012 in England/cross border with Wales, approved by local councils and finally signed off by the Environment Agency under its Strategic Overview for coastal flood and erosion risk management.

A recent (2017) review by the Environment Agency suggests that nearly a third of management policies contained within the current Shoreline Management Plans (SMP2) require attention, of which about half may be undeliverable as they stand.

SMPs require maintenance to be useful, but maintenance activity and effort across the SMPs has been variable. The SMP Refresh will commence in 2019, using a series of review and development activities to make sure the Plans are up to date, reliable and visible, and ensure onward maintenance is easier.

The SMP Refresh will ensure SMPs are and remain ‘living’ documents.”


Go to the local Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) covering the coastline from Durlston Head to Hurst Spit