Safety works required at Canford Cliffs

Posted on 19th January, 2020

There was a further cliff slip at Canford Cliffs over the Christmas period, to the east of the original 2017 cliff slip. This increases the risk that material could pile up at the back of the beach huts which may be of sufficient force to damage them or cause a partial collapse. 

The 2017 cliff slip at Canford Cliffs

This latest slip was assessed on 15th January, as a result of which contractors Avon Construction will be on site for the next few weeks to carry out safety works prior to the planned cliff stabilisation later this year. A safety zone with warning notices has been constructed in the area.

On Cliff Drive an additional section of pathway has been fenced-off as a precaution and the safety works are within this section. Temporary crossings have been constructed at either end of the additional fencing to aid pedestrian movements.

If you are the tenant of a beach hut within the safety zone and need access to your hut, please contact Customer Services on 01202 708181.

The total planned area of cliff to be stabilised stretches from the west of the 2017 cliff-slip, eastwards to the zig-zag footpath; full project details and updates at Canford Cliffs Stabilisation Works 2020-2021


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