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The SMP Review has been undertaken by consultants

on behalf of

The Project Team

The SMP review was commissioned by the Poole & Christchurch Bays Coastal Group, led by Bournemouth Borough Council, supported by the Environment Agency and carried out by consultants Royal Haskoning UK.

The Coastal Group is made up of the maritime local authorities of Purbeck, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and New Forest.

Three local sub-groups drove the project forward, each with different but important interests in the coast and its management:

  Client Steering Group

  Elected Members Forum

  Key Stakeholder Group

The CSG meet regularlyThe Client Steering Group (CSG) includes representatives of the Coastal Group together with Dorset & Hampshire County Councils, Poole Harbour Commissioners, Natural England and the National Trust.  The CSG is responsible for the management, development and adoption of the Poole & Christchurch Bays SMP; the group met a total of 31 times over the period of the review.

A CSG Communications Team was formed in June 2009, comprising skilled representative members from each of the local authorities and the Environment Agency; they prepared events and materials for the Public Examination period, November 2009 - February 2010, and kept the media informed of progress.

  • The Minutes of CSG meetings are available to download.

The Elected Members Forum (EMF) comprises Elected Members from each of the operating authorities together with Environment Agency Regional Flood Defence Committees, supported by observer representatives from Defra and Natural England.  This group were presented with analytical conclusions to enable each authority to make informed strategic policy decisions, and help them understand the preferred policies they will be asked to adopt.

EMF members


Councillor Robert Lawton (email) Bournemouth Borough Council
Councillor Mike Duckworth (email) Christchurch Borough Council
Councillor Fran Carpenter (email) New Forest District Council
Councillor Peter Adams (email) Borough of Poole
Councillor Andrew Starr (email) Purbeck District Council

  • The Minutes of EMF meetings are available to download.

David Harlow, Bournemouth Council, talking to members of the Lakeside Residents groupThe Key Stakeholder Group (KSG) comprises representatives from all parties with an interest in the long-term management of the coastline. This group acted as a focal point for discussion and consultation at key stages of the development of the SMP with opportunities to provide direct feedback and information.

  • The Minutes of KSG meetings are available to view, together with Q&As.


Bournemouth Borough Council

Borough of Poole

New Forest District Council

Purbeck District Council

 Environment Agency

Natural England

Poole Harbour Commissioners

Maritime local authorities have certain permissive powers under the Coast Protection Act 1949 to undertake works to defend the coastline from erosion by the sea (coast protection). 

The Environment Agency has permissive powers to undertake works to protect low-lying land from flooding (flood defence) and to manage flood risk.

Maritime local authorities and the Environment Agency are known as 'operating authorities'.

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