Beach Replenishment Scheme 2005-2007

Phase 1

Daily Diary


BeachDaysLoadsCubic metres*Metric tonnes*Tons*
Bournemouth (BIS4.1)60290726,1011,089,1521,071,950
Average per day5.513,37720,06519,748

*The Crown Estate apply a factor of 1.5 to convert cubic metres of sand to metric tonnes, and 1 metric tonne = 0.984206528 long (British) ton.

**Of the total 1.45 million m³ of sand recorded in the dredger’s hopper, it is estimated about 1.16 million m³ was actually delivered to the beaches (find out more).


November 2005
DateActivityTotal (cu.m.)
22nd750m long x 700mm diameter sinkerline brought ashore in readiness for pumping. The sinkerline was assembled in Newhaven Harbour, Sussex and towed from there by tug. It is floated into position and then sunk to the seabed during replenishment work 0
23rdRoad transport brings 12m sections of pipeline to site. Sections will be joined to pump material along the beach.0
24thTrailing suction hopper dredger Volvox Scaldia pumps first two loads onto the beach2,703
25thBeach replenishment (3 dredger loads to the beach)4,963
26thBeach replenishment (7 loads)11,720
27thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,616
28thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,660
29thThe second dredger HAM 311 arrives in Poole.1,684
30thPumping continues (2 loads). Volvox Scaldia undergoes maintenance & repairs which are likely to take 3-4 days; HAM 311 will take over replenishment work at Swanage3,183
December 2005
1stNo beach replenishment works; strong southerly winds Force 5-7 prevent dredger from coupling to pipeline. Similar weather forecast for tomorrow.0
2ndNo beach replenishment works today. Severe weather p.m. (driving rain and gusts of 60-70 m.p.h.) saw both dredgers moored at Poole Quay. An improvement is forecast for tomorrow0
3rdVolvox Scaldia is back in service at Swanage. Replenishment recommences (2 dredger loads)3,323
4thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,237
5thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,368
6thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,789
7thBeach replenishment (8 loads)13,173
8thBeach replenishment (7 loads)11,438
9thFinal day of replenishment work at Swanage (5 loads)8,362
10thBeach replenishing equipment dismantled and moved to Poole by road0

“Dear Sirs,
This weekend we witnessed the recharging on Swanage beach in Dorset, UK. We were most impressed by the engineering skills demonstrated by the teams on the beach and the readiness of your personnel to explain clearly to the watching public exactly what was happening. We would like you to thank them for the time and trouble they are taking in their public relations role. We spoke to several team members over the weekend and each one was enthusiastic about the project.
Yours faithfully, Janette and Roger Lynch”

An email received by contractors Van Oord (Netherlands) 27th November, and reproduced with kind permission of the authors


December 2005
DateActivityTotal (cu.m.)
11thBeach replenishing equipment arrives by road but sea fog and offshore winds prevented the sinkerline (transported by sea) from leaving Swanage0
12thOffshore winds prevent sinkerline from being moved0
13thOperational delays0
14thOperational delays - obstructions found on the seabed off the coast at Branksome Chine where the sinkerline is due to come ashore0
15thThe sinkerline was floated at Swanage and brought into Poole by tugs at 17:30. The dredger Waterway also arrived at Poole today, to replace Volvox Scaldia0
16thThe sinkerline comes ashore just east of Branksome Chine. The first dredger load was pumped ashore at 19:00 (2 loads total)4,748
17thBeach replenishment by both Waterway & HAM 311 (13 loads)32,768
18thBeach replenishment (7 loads)15,783
19thBeach replenishment (12 loads). ITV News crew filmed aboard one of the dredgers and interviewed project managers33,013
20thBeach replenishment (11 loads)28,844
21stBeach replenishment (9 loads)23,743
22ndBeach replenishment (8 loads). Section of beach completed (approx 500m) between Branksome Dene Chine and Branksome Chine. Work will move west of Branksome Chine.18,286
23rdBeach replenishment (8 loads)19,233
24thBeach replenishment (6 loads)13,766
25thBeach replenishment (8 loads)19,876
26thBeach replenishment (9 loads)22,488
27thBeach replenishment (8 loads)19,539
28thBeach replenishment (9 loads)23,030
29thOnly the Waterway working today (7 loads), HAM 311 refuelling. Project Managers from Poole's Leisure Services were invited aboard Waterway19,779
30thSoutherly winds up to Force 6 stops work. Gusts above a Force 4/5 make it too difficult & dangerous to manually couple the dredger with the floating pipeline for pumping0
31stBeach replenishment (4 loads)11,904
January 2006
1stBeach replenishment (5 loads)15,629
2ndHundreds if not thousands of visitors over the extended New Year Bank Holiday. Beach replenishment (8 loads)24,301
3rdA leak has developed in the sinkerline preventing it from being floated and moved to Canford Cliffs Chine. Independent film production crew arrives to interview Clive Smith, Head of Leisure Services at Poole. Beach replenishment (4 loads)12,172
4thSinkerline problems persist; the majority of dredging today is of fine sediments for disposal offshore at Swanage. Pipeline reconnected for overnight replenishment work (3 loads)10,076
5thBeach replenishment (5 loads). Section of beach now completed (approx 1640m) between Branksome Dene Chine and Canford Cliffs Chine6,475
6thNo beach replenishment today; sinkerline repairs underway0
7thThe repaired sinkerline has been successfully floated and moved to Canford Cliffs Chine0
8thFurther sinkerline problems; divers on site. Replenishment work recommences late in the day (3 loads)7,631
9thBeach replenishment (11 loads)32,100
10thBeach replenishment (13 loads)36,080
11thBeach replenishment (11 loads)30,311
12thBeach replenishment (10 loads)25,499
13thBeach replenishment (9 loads). Works have reached Shore Road; just a small section left to the 2nd rock groyne towards Sandbanks and the Poole beaches part of the project is complete22,457
14thBeach replenishment (8 loads)21,775
15thBeach replenishment (10 loads) - only one day's work left at Poole27,113
16thWaterway in the harbour for refuelling and maintenance; HAM 311 finishes Poole replenishment work (5 loads)11,945
17thSinkerline brought ashore for maintenance. A 250m section will be removed and left at Poole; only 500m is required to reach Bournemouth beaches0
18thSinkerline floated and on its way to Hengistbury Head by 09:000

Winston Sagman emails us:
“I am sure I am not alone in wishing that your team would slow down a little. At the present rate of progress this fascinating piece of engineering is going to be finished too soon and the entertainment we are all enjoying will be gone “

Sinkerline being towed ashore by tug


January 2006
DateActivityTotal (cu.m.)
18thContractors set up site at Solent Meads car park. Sinkerline brought ashore by the multicat; other equipment arrives by road. Replenishment commences p.m. (5 loads pumped ashore)10,609
19thBeach replenishment (9 loads)21,959
20thBeach replenishment (7 loads)18,198
21stBeach replenishment (8 loads)22,642
22ndBeach replenishment (7 loads)19,391
23rdBeach replenishment has been progressing very well but the HAM 311 was out of action most of today (5 loads)15,196
24thBeach replenishment (4 loads)12,057
25thBeach replenishment (5 loads)14,358
26thBeach replenishment (7 loads)18,796
27thVan Oord move the sinkerline at noon - it comes ashore at Southbourne (east). Beach replenishment (5 loads)14,569
28thBeach replenishment (9 loads)24,302
29thProblems with the Waterway today. Beach replenishment (6 loads)13,043
30thWaterway back in service. Beach replenishment (7 loads)18,519
31stBeach replenishment (5 loads)15,139
February 2006
1stThe production team from BBC's Countryfile visit Poole & Bournemouth; on 6th & 7th February they will be back to film five stories from Poole for their programme which airs on BBC1 on Sunday the 12th at 10.55 a.m. 5 loads pumped ashore today14,823
2ndBeach replenishment (8 loads)22,742
3rdVan Oord advise that the Waterway will be operating only until 9th February, after which the HAM 311 will complete the project alone; anticipated completion is week commencing 6th March. 7 loads today.17,748
4thBeach replenishment (7 loads)19,437
5thBeach replenishment (8 loads)21,845
6thBeach replenishment (7 loads)18,719
7thThe sinkerline was moved this morning, to the bottom of Gordon Steps at Southbourne; the BBC filmed aboard HAM 311 and 9 loads were pumped ashore - busy day!24,015
8thBeach replenishment (9 loads)23,852
9thBeach replenishment (7 loads)20,950
10thThe Waterway completed her final discharge at 00:05 this morning, and departed bound for Rotterdam. HAM 311 working alone; beach replenishment (5 loads)10,813
11thBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,323
12th'Countryfile' on BBC1 this morning featured the beach replenishment and other stories from Poole Harbour. 4 loads pumped ashore8,733
13thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,108
14thWinds Force 5 today with Force 6-7 and heavy swell predicted for tomorrow; unsafe for replenishment. Sinkerline brought ashore. Just one load delivered to the beach2,112
15thBeach replenishment (2 loads)4,664
16thMembers of the Institution of Civil Engineers attend a lunch and project presentation from Poole Harbour Commissioners, Borough of Poole & Van Oord at the Harbour Heights Hotel. Site visits to Solent Meads and Branksome Chine followed despite replenishment work being delayed by poor weather conditions.0
17thNo beach replenishment works; during bad weather dredging continues - material unsuitable for the beach is taken to the licensed disposal ground off Swanage0
18thBeach replenishment (4 loads)8,855
19thBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,041
20thBeach replenishment (4 loads)8,992
21stNo beach replenishment0
22ndBeach replenishment (3 loads)6,948
23rdBeach replenishment (2 loads)4,391
24thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,098
25thBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,696
26thBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,789
27thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,412
28thBeach replenishment (2 loads)4,776
March 2006
1stBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,189
2ndBeach replenishment (6 loads)13,541
3rdBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,142
4thBeach replenishment (6 loads)13,885
5thBeach replenishment (5 loads)11,932
6thBeach replenishment (1 load)2,120
7thBeach replenishment (1 load)2,061
8thBeach replenishment (5 loads)10,884
9thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,163
10thBeach replenishment (4 loads)8,781
11thBeach replenishment (6 loads)13,693
12thBeach replenishment (5 loads)10,641
13thBeach replenishment (4 loads)8,908
14thA visit from Andy George of Defra, the government department paying for the replenishment work. 4 loads pumped ashore today9,189
15thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,402
16thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,222
17thBeach replenishment (3 loads)6,578
18thBeach replenishment (4 loads)9,110
19thJob done. 0020 hrs the HAM 311 disconnected from the pipeline for the final time. 0305 hrs she departed Poole Bay bound for Rotterdam.0
April 2006
10th1900 hrs the sinkerline was towed from Poole Bay, bound for Southwold, Suffolk

Feedback – by email, 18th June 2006
“I thought the beaches looked wonderful anyway but this weekend we went down to Canford Cliffs/Flaghead – WoW!!!!!! There was so much room on the beach, the sand itself was beautiful and the sea was so clear. Surely it had to be the most special beach in the world to be on this weekend. Well done to all who have worked on the project”

Lee Ellis, Poole

Sinkerline being towed ashore by tug