March 2022

Convent Walk repairs at Riverside (Mill Stream), Christchurch

Nearby tree roots had caused damage to a 24 metre long section of pathway and riverside wall.

The works involved:

  • Working with a BCP arboriculturist to assist with root cutting and tree works
  • Recovering displaced stones from the Millstream, replacing missing stones and repointing
  • New tarmac on this section of pathway

March 2022

Inner harbour wall repairs at Mudeford Quay

Repairs to a section of the inner harbour wall (see map) where several coping stones had become dislodged and fallen into the harbourside.

The works were carried out between 14th – 31st March and involved:

  • Cleaning the wall and recovering coping stones from the water
  • Re-bedding the top course of copings
  • Rebuilding a 10 to 20m section of wall
  • Re-pointing along the length of wall (approx. 80m)
  • Recover and refit displaced rock armour adjacent to the footbridge

March 2022

Groyne Marker reinstallations at Highcliffe, Friars Cliff and Mudeford Sandbank

Our contractor, JT Mackley, re-installed several groyne markers (Aids to Navigation) in Christchurch Bay which were leaning or had failed following the recent storms.

(Highcliffe x 1, Friars Cliff x 1 and Mudeford Sandbank x 6)

Works were carried out 29th March – 1st April 2022.