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Continually under development, this page is populated with documents that are available in electronic format and are either relevant to the SMP review or a result of the work programme. 

Documents are listed in alphabetic order:

Hengistbury Head Management Plan (October 2005) - the Plan sets out to describe and evaluate Hengistbury Head and to prescribe a workable management programme for the site.  It is the second revision of a Plan originally written in 1989 (PDF, 1MB, opens in a new window).

Information Database (2008) - an extensive list of existing Management Plans and data relevant to the study area, gathered from project partners and responses to the SMP2 Questionnaire.

New Forest National Park Authority Coastal Heritage Project (2010-11) - the Coastal Heritage Project has been set up both to fully record the archaeology of the Hampshire coastline and to share this with as many people as possible.  The project extends beyond the New Forest National Park boundary north to Redbridge and west to the Hampshire-Dorset border. It covers 82 kilometres of coast and includes the area 10 metres above sea level through the intertidal zone to six nautical miles off shore.  Links to an external website.

Poole Bay & Harbour Strategy Study (March 2004) defines coastal defences for Poole Bay (between Durlston Head and Hengistbury Head including Poole Harbour) and how they should be managed.  This study developed from SMP1 and contributes to SMP2.

The Poole Bay & Harbour Strategy is currently under review by the Environment Agency [more]

Poole & Christchurch Bays SMP2 Scoping Report (July 2008) prepared for the principal purpose of providing information for the SMP2 consultant to assist in the preparation of the Shoreline Management Plan review (PDF, 1.85MB, opens in a new window).

Poole Harbour Aquatic Management Plan (2006) looks at ways of maintaining sustainable levels of economic and social activity within the Harbour and its hinterland, while protecting its natural environment.  Links to an external website.

On-going studies & monitoring:

Details of completed, current and future research projects, sediment transport studies and the shoreline management of central southern England is available from www.scopac.org.uk

Monitoring of the coastline for the Poole & Christchurch Bays area is undertaken as part of the South East Strategic Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme, which provides detailed information for the development of SMPs and other coastal & flood defence strategies.  For more information visit www.channelcoast.org

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