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The Draft SMP2 consultation period ended 17th February 2010; your comments have been considered by the project team and the results are available here.

Thank you to the 525 local residents that visited the SMP Roadshow (30th Nov - 4th Dec 2009).

The Roadshow was a series of five drop-in exhibitions across the region, during which Draft SMP2 policies were displayed.  The events provided local people with an opportunity to examine and comments on the proposed policies, and to ask questions of the professionals.

Below are the information panels displayed at each of the Roadshow venues; top left are the eight generic panels (PDF, 1.3MB) explaining the SMP, the others detail specific information for each of the local authority areas:

Generic boards, PDF 1.3MB

Hurst Spit to Naish Cliff (433kb)

Generic panels

New Forest


Bournemouth Poole Purbeck

Throughout the development of this review we have sought the views of those residents, interest groups, businesses and other organisations that have an interest in or are likely to be affected in some way by management decisions:


  • This website went 'live' in January 2008.

  • A public information leaflet and questionnaire was distributed in May 2008 to our Stakeholder List and made available from libraries and seafront offices throughout the region. 


  • SMP2 Public Meetings were held at Mudeford and at Poole on Monday, 9th February 2009.

  • In November 2009 we displayed large "Our Coastline is Changing" information boards along the seafront from Hurst Spit to Durlston Head (35 in total).

  • The full Draft SMP2 was published here on 25th November for a 60-day consultation period (ended 17th February 2010) - the results of the consultation can be read here.

  • A second 'consultation summary' leaflet was distributed from 26th November, at SMP Roadshow events, through seafront and civic offices and libraries.  This leaflet included the Summary Policy Map and invited comment.

  • The SMP Roadshow (30th November - 4th December 2009) - five drop-in exhibitions across the region during which Draft SMP2 policies were displayed, providing local people with an opportunity to examine the proposed policies, and ask questions of the professionals. 

    A total of 525 people attended the Roadshows; a further 50 attended a separate meeting of the Hengistbury Head Residents Association.


  • The Draft SMP was made available online, with comments invited from the public between 1st November 2009 - 17th February 2010.

  • New Forest District Council held an additional public Roadshow event on 1st February 2010 at the Town Hall, Lymington.


  • Following adoption of the Plan by the relevant Local Authorities in February 2011, a third and final Completion Leaflet was printed and distributed in March 2011; it is available for download (PDF, 7Mb) and is available from Council offices across the region.

The Key Stakeholder Group (KSG) and others have reviewed and commented on draft documents and assessments throughout the process. 

Residents view Draft SMP2 at the Beachcomber Cafe

New Forest District Council SMP Roadshow at the Beachcomber Caf

Click to open Public Consultation Presentation (PDF, 1.4MB)

 Royal Haskoning's Draft SMP2 presentation (PDF, 1.4MB)

Poole Dolphin Centre (click to enlarge)

SMP Roadshow at the Dolphin Centre, Poole

Completion Leaflet,

Spring 2011 (PDF, 7Mb)

Download the public information leaflet (pdf, file size 3.4MB)

First leaflet, Spring 2008 (PDF, 3.4Mb)

Example of the Seafront signs (2009, PDF 500Kb)

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