Canford Cliffs promenade temporary closure 22nd-25th February

Posted on 19th February, 2021

A short section of promenade at Canford Cliffs beach will be temporarily closed next week (from Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th February) for essential work to be carried out as part of the Canford Cliffs cliff stabilisation project.

The cliff stabilisation project began in September 2020 to address a cliff slip that occurred in 2017. Specialist contractor CAN Geotechnical has installed over 1565 soil nails (up to 15-metre in length) to secure the cliff face.

The current phase of work includes the removal of old material that was used to secure the cliff in the 1970’s. This involves removing some concrete blocks at the top of the cliff so that the slope can be regraded.

Whilst these works will take place from the top of the cliff, there is a small risk of debris falling onto the beach promenade, therefore to ensure public safety, a 115-metre section of promenade in front of the work site (to the west of the Cliff Drive zig zag path) will be closed to all users from Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th February.

Project details and updates at:

Canford Cliffs Stabilisation Works 2020-2021

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