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Key Stakeholder Group

The Client Steering Group recruited representatives from interest groups within the study area to form the SMP2 Key Stakeholder Group (KSG).  Membership of the group offers a more participatory process.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Suggesting issues and their priorities to be considered within the SMP.

  • Receiving reports and draft proposals from the Client Steering Group/Consultant.

  • Providing comment on proposals being made by the Client Steering Group/Consultant.

  • Meeting periodically throughout the production of the SMP.

Prof Andy Bradbury gives a presentation to the KSGKSG Meeting, 26th November 2009
Download the Minutes, including the Questions & Answers session (PDF, 78kb, opens in a new window)

KSG Meeting, 23rd March 2009

Download the Minutes, including the Questions & Answers session (PDF, 53kb, opens in a new window)


The KSG acts as a focal point for discussion and consultation through development of the SMP, ensuring consideration of all interests during the review.

Members (there are 34) cover a wide range of coastal interests, and include Dorset Coast Forum, the RSPB, English Heritage, Beach Hut Owners Association, Hampshire & Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology, Mudeford & District Fishermen, Bournemouth Natural Science Society, East Dorset Friends of the Earth, Poole Yacht Club, the Society of Poole Men, Wessex Surf Club, Swanage District Angling Club and several residents associations.

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