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Client Steering Group

The Client Steering Group was formed in June 2007 and comprises representatives from the six operating authorities (voting members) and five Associate Partner organisations (non-voting members):

Name, Title



Dr David Harlow, Coast Protection Manager

Bournemouth Borough Council

Maritime Unitary Authority, leading the SMP Review

Steve Cook, Assistant Engineer

New Forest District Council

Maritime District Authority, project managing the SMP Review

Mike Goater, District Engineer

Purbeck District Council

Maritime District Authority

Dave Robson, Senior Engineer

Poole Borough Council

Maritime Unitary Authority

Steve Woolard, Senior Engineer - Flooding & Coastal Management

Christchurch Borough Council

Maritime District Authority

Andrew Gill, Flood Risk Mapping and Data Management Team Leader

Environment Agency

Flood Defence

Associate Partners:



Andy Ramsbottom, Harbour Engineer

Poole Harbour Commissioners

Harbour Authority

Richard Caldow, Maritime Advisor

Natural England

Nature Conservation

Tony Flux, Dorset Coastal Zone Project Manager

The National Trust

Landowner, Brownsea Island & Studland Beach

Richard Edmonds, Earth Science Manager

Dorset County Council

The Jurassic Coast

Rachael Gallagher

Hampshire County Council


The officers of the Client Steering Group (CSG), together with the Elected Members Group, will act as the principal decision-making body for review of the Shoreline Management Plan.  Key consultees will be invited to participate in a Key Stakeholder Group to be convened at appropriate times to comment and provide information as the plan develops.

The Role of Client Steering Group members:

To provide client expertise in deciding the scope and extent of the SMP

To agree the proposals of the CSG before their submission to the Elected Members Group

To develop the objectives of the SMP2

To convene meetings of the Elected Members Group and Key Stakeholder Group

To provide the secretariat and support for the Elected Members Group

To report back to their respective authorities

To identify key stakeholders and representatives

To oversee the public consultation exercises

To provide a listing of initial consultees to the CSG

To determine the preferred policy options to be contained within the draft SMP2

To prepare draft proposals for consideration and discussion by the Elected Members Group and Key Stakeholder Group

To seek ratification of SMP2 policies through the Elected Members Group

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